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Reviews - Family Law Office of Yana Berrier

I hired Yana as my lawyer and she was great. I hired her at the end of my divorce (to fix an issue with my child support) and wish I would have hired her at the beginning of my divorce. She is very knowledgeable and is straight forward with you. She would always return my emails or phone calls very promptly. Her consultation is free and her retainer is reasonable. She got me everything that I wanted and saved me about $10,000. I definitely would recommend her to anyone going through a divorce.

Joseph - January 2017

I looked up Yana when I was desperate for help.  She is EXTREMELY knowledgeable and respectful without sugar coating anything for me.  I knew what I was getting into after my very informative free consult.
I have retained Ms. Berrier several times for ongoing family court issues and will again if I need legal help in the future. She is more than fair and tries to save me money anywhere she can. On more than 1 occasion she has calmed my fears and explained things to me in a way I can understand without all that confusing legal speak. I think she is an amazing lawyer.  Beware those on the other side of the court room, This lady knows what she’s doing!

Jodi N. - October 2016

Yana Berrier gave me strong representation and advice for my child custody case with an unreasonable ex. During her free consultation she was able to draft a reasonable plan and told me what I should expect at the resolution. With her knowledge of the law she was able to achieve everything that I asked for and made my life simple during the process. I could not be happier with the current arrangements she fought for. Thank you Yana, what you did for me and my family will never be forgotten. I strongly will recommend her to friends and family whenever they are in need of an attorney.

Allen S. - September 2016

I don’t like lawyers, so when I say I really like Yana, it means a lot. Yana is extremely competent, professional and knowledgeable. I followed her counsel to the letter and every bit of advice was spot on and the result was as she predicted. I am a difficult client and she was able to make me feel comfortable with the process of obtaining SSDI and I would definitely seek her counsel again but I don’t think I will need to because she fixed my problem and I got disability. I highly recommend her legal services and now there is a lawyer I actually like, which is amazing.

Apurva J.


I was dealing with my spouse leaving the state with my son and submitting many false accusations against me in order to restrict my custody time. From the start Yana has been very aggressive ensuring that I never lost time with my son. In the end Yana was able to get our case settled before our trial date saving me money and months more of stress. The outcome was incredible and I will recommend her to everyone in need to legal representation.



I am very impressed in the representation I received in my recent child custody case.  Yana Berrier cares about her clients, she is upfront if there are areas lacking in the case and she ensures all angles are covered in her cases she takes before the judge.  When basically turned down by another lawyer regarding my case, Yana did not hesitate to sign me on and make me feel like I mattered and was not just another check.  I would definitely recommend Yana Berrier for your family law needs.


I would highly recommend Yana Berrier to anyone that is looking for a good divorce attorney. She is always prepared for court, which is very important if you re expecting a successful outcome. Also, right before trial, Yana was able to negotiate a deal with my ex-husband and his attorney that I didn t think was possible. I was very impressed and hired her again recently to work on my custody case.




Yana has done an excellent job representing me in my divorce case.  She takes the time to prepare for court, responds quickly to questions and always meets court deadlines.  I would recommend her to anyone with divorce or custody issues.



I am 67 and my ex-wife is 40, we have a 7 year old daughter.  I chose Yana Berrier as my lawyer, the best decision I could have made.  My ex wife is not on drugs or alcohol, just a normal person.  Through a custody hearing Yana was what you would want a lawyer to be.  Following her advise and listening to her experience I gained custody of my daughter.  Now if this doesn’t show that a lawyer can make a difference I don’t know what would.  Yana was truly interested in my case and worked diligently.


Recently needing legal assistance regarding divorce, I contacted the Law Office of Yana Berrier.  I arrived to our first meeting with anxiety, fear , uncertainty, and inner turmoil, but left that meeting with renewed confidence and a calmed sense to what lay ahead.  Ms. Berrier impressed me not only with her professionalism, but projected an honest kindness with a sincere desire to be in my corner.  Thanks to her outstanding legal knowledge and dedication, the case ended very well.  Thank you, Yana!

Yana’s level-headed demeanor and honest assessment of my case won out over a hot headed and temperamental Sacramento attorney who spoke arrogantly but folded meekly.  My wife and I have agreed to go our separate ways.  We are now able to cooperate on issues of mutual accountability and believe we will be able to do so in the future.  Throughout this whole painful process, not only did Yana become my attorney, I respect her as my friend, confidant and counselor.

I am very pleased with the outcome of my case.  Ms. Berrier was very efficient in dealing with my very unreasonable ex-spouse.  She was able to negotiate a settlement which was better than I had expected.  Very happy with the results!!  I would recommend her services to anyone needing a great family law attorney!


Mrs. Barrier has represented my wife in 3 separate family law cases.  She is honest in keeping us informed of the possible outcomes and recommendations before we decide to file a case or go to court.  She tried to keep our legal fees down by getting my spouse’s ex to settle out of court.  Her fees are reasonable and we plan to continue have her represent my wife in future family law matters.  We highly recommend her.



* The opinions expressed in the reviews above do not , in any way, constitute a guarantee or warranty as to the outcome of your matter as each case is different.